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Zooe is a financial trading and investment platform that offers cutting-edge trading technology, covering global trading varieties and intelligent copy trading features. Zooe's goal is to lower the barriers to entry for users into the globally diversified markets, enabling every investor to participate in the global financial markets in a simpler and more direct way. Through Zooe, every user can easily find trading opportunities and strategies that suit them in the globally diversified markets, achieving effective allocation and growth of capital.

(Registration Number 2015794)

About ZOOE

Scope of business


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Here is an overview of Zooe's business scope: WHY DID YOU CHOOSE US?

Forex Trading
Access to major and minor currency pairs with competitive spreads and high liquidity.

Commodities Trading
Opportunities to trade in essential commodities such as oil and metals like gold and silver, using the advantages of CFDs.

Equity Trading
Offers trading in major global stocks, enabling investors to participate in the equity markets without the need to own the underlying assets.

Technological Edge
Leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure fast and reliable trading execution across all trading platforms.

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Zooe offers a comprehensive global financial trading platform that supports a diverse range of financial products, including Forex, oil, indices, metals, and equities.